Kangaroo Sleep Position

Most babies neither sleep through the night nor sleep for more than one hour in the day. Most parents ask the question, ‘why my baby does not sleep through the night’. This is because your baby’s biological clock is not mature enough. Many parents know the reasons why their babies do not sleep at night but a crying baby, especially a crying baby at night is really a big issue. Experts recommend several solutions and one of them is the kangaroo sleep position. Do you want to know what it is and how it helps your baby to stop crying and go to sleep? 

What is kangaroo sleep position? 

Kangaroo sleep position is also referred to as kangaroo care. It is a method of holding your baby close to your chest. It involves skin-to-skin contact as the baby is placed upright on the parent’s chest without any dress except a diaper. As this looks just like the mother kangaroo holding her baby in the pouch, it is called Kangaroo care. This is done in hospitals to take care of premature babies. It has several medical benefits like improving the heartbeat of the baby, increasing oxygen saturation, improving breathing patterns, and decreasing crying episodes. 

A study was conducted to understand the benefits of kangaroo care in preterm infants. The study proved that it does help the baby in many ways and is one of the solutions for the question ‘how to stop my baby crying?’ 

How does this help your baby? 

Yes, it is true that kangaroo care helps preterm babies. How does it help my baby to sleep? Is this your question? You can just do it for your baby at home.

 The experts recommend 5 S’s to make your baby sleep. One of the S is the side sleep or stomach sleep. Babies are comfortable when they sleep on their stomachs or on their sides. Your baby loves the kangaroo sleeping position. You can make your baby lie upside down on your abdomen. The gentle sway of the abdomen and the close contact with the mom will lull your baby to sleep. 

Some tips to remember 

Here are some tips while placing your baby in the kangaroo sleep position.

  • Never lie on the extreme sides of the bed as it will increase the risk of your baby falling. Make sure you lie down in the centre of the bed. 
  • Avoid chairs, sofas, and recliners. It may not be comfortable and safe for the baby. The beds are better. 
  • It can be done by both moms and dads. Be it, mom or dad, make sure you don’t fall asleep. If you feel sleepy make your little one lie down on the crib. This will help to avoid falls. 

Once your baby goes into a deep sleep, let her lie on the crib or bed on her back. Place your palm on your baby’s chest. This gentle touch and pat can be reassuring and comforting for your loved one. 

You can also use a baby shusher along with the kangaroo sleep position, it’s very comforting to your baby. Buy the Sleep Helper ™ kit from Nasobuddy. It contains a baby shusher, a colic swaddle belt and a lavender baby balm They are of great help to make your crying baby sleep. 

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