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Worked wonder fully

Thank you it worked wonder.. As told 48 hours.. Now feeding without hesitation and pain

Good product

Quick healing

Reduced my baby's crying


Colic gas relief

Baby passed gas after wearing belt. Useful.

Must have combo for baby

This is seriously a must have combo. . easy relief for my baby. .. was able to sleep peacefully after removing so much mucous

Wow. . Best natural balm ever

Super and very soothing


Good and effective . .

Life saver

A boon . . thank u so much nasobuddy. . results after using it for just 2 days . .

such a cute and effective nail file

Very gooooddd

Superb saline spray


Best aspirator

Easily the best and most convenient to use and clean aspirator. My baby slept peacefully

Good one. .

Good and does its job. . quite surprisingly effective

Baby sleep helper

Useful kit. Parents like me with newborns who don't sleep can understand its usefulness

gives good relief

Nasobuddy® Nipple Healers
Saranyadevi Mathavan

Nasobuddy® Nipple Healers

Excellent product

It is an excellent product that relieves infants very quickly. hassle free to use without any side effects

Nasobuddy® Cough & Cold Balm

Highly recommended

All mommy must buy😊

Nasobuddy® Baby nasal aspirator


Good product

Best balm

So comfortable to use for everyone in our family and we use it guilt free

Nasobuddy® Cough & Cold Balm
Pallapu Chandra sekhar
Excellent cough and cold balm

The best product for babies

Nasobuddy® The Sleep Helper™ Kit


Amazing product gives instant relief

Must buy if u hv pain in nipple

I was having 3 painkiller tablet in a day then I was able to feed my baby .but after using nipple healer now i am free from pain killer . And 90% it has been relief with in 3 days . Now I am able to feed my baby without painkiller.