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Useful product for baby sleep issues. Good vfm. Would recommend.

Good sleep kit

The three products in the kit were useful at different times. We now find ourselves using the shusher often ..she seems to have got used to it.

Works for new-born babies

It helped our new born baby sleep and the mother got some sleep after so many days. Thank you.

Most helpful for my baby

Simple to use and immediate effects. I have gone through tons of blogs and videos I couldn't really implement any. The kit is well designed, a shusher- white noise machine that plays in loop endlessly and the belt to mange the stressful evening colic hour and a pleasant lavender after bath massage balm. I wish I had this from the first week. I would recommend it to for all newborns makes the first few months really bearable.

Worth to buy

The colic swaddle belt is very useful as I started using it in the regular basis. The gas problems in my baby is relieved very much and she sleeps in the evening more peacefully. Thank you for the innovative product.

I would recommend it

Found it useful for my newborn baby. Both the belt and the shushing machine do their job and it's simple enough to use. It's important to use the shusher with the USB cable that comes with the kit or can use batteries. Worthy kit.

Good for newborn baby

Essential product for both the baby and parent..some extra hours of sleep are worth it.

Good Product

Very safe for children...Heels cold and cough quickly. Ayurvedic aroma and it's mildness are really good

Useful practical devices

The devices are simple to use ..the baby shusher controls were just battery switch and a button switch ..the USB cable provided is of good quality..and after the colic belt was worn the baby passed gas after a few minutes and he looked comfortable after that

Some help yes

The sleep helper does help at critical times when it feels like nothing will work for baby's crying. We used the shusher a lot along with the USB cable it was able to work for 8 hours straight. Still feel it's expensive and could be cheaper.

Good value price

Good value price for the two product combo. It's effective for breastfeeding issues in mothers and the instructions provided were detailed and helpful

We got some sleep finally!

I was apprehensive about buying this at first as it's not a product I was familiar with but glad that I decided to. Simple no frills devices that help to solve problems. Shusher did stop babys crying and calmed the baby. The colic swaddle was very useful during dreaded evening crying hour. The long USB cable for the shusher was a good addition and we play the shusher throughout the night at low volumes. I increase the volume if he wakes up in the night..that again helps to comfort him. I would recommend this for all parents like me whose little bundle of joy won't just sleep easy.

Useful kit for calming the baby

The products were easy to use and it has calmed my baby a few times already. Make sure to place the baby shusher close to the baby..increase the volume if baby is crying a lot and you can reduce it later when he is calm. Lavender balm is mild and good for this age.

A life saver!

It healed my cracked bleeding nipples in one day. If it weren't for the nipple healers I would have given up breastfeeding . That was the level of pain. This works immediately and heals naturally using breast milk. Better than all the creams and useless shields.

Helped to calm my baby while travelling

I was doubtful at first..the sleep helper really helps to calm my baby. The baby shusher calmed her when nothing else would work. We are getting some precious sleep back that's priceless. I will recommend it to all newborns parents.

Relieved my baby's nose block from colds

Simple mechanism. The spray loosned the mucus after which i was able to suck the mucus out easily. Thank you.

Useful sleep helper

Useful kit to calm crying babies..the baby shusher was particularly good. It helped to soothe my baby when he was very cranky. I would recommend it for all new borns.


Good ayurvedic balm..effective without any irritation. Thanks for the fast delivery.

It helps

It helped my baby sleep!

Good product

A useful product for all new moms.