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gives good relief

Nasobuddy® Nipple Healers
Saranyadevi Mathavan

Nasobuddy® Nipple Healers

Excellent product

It is an excellent product that relieves infants very quickly. hassle free to use without any side effects

Nasobuddy® Cough & Cold Balm

Highly recommended

All mommy must buy😊

Nasobuddy® Baby nasal aspirator


Good product

Best balm

So comfortable to use for everyone in our family and we use it guilt free

Nasobuddy® Cough & Cold Balm
Pallapu Chandra sekhar
Excellent cough and cold balm

The best product for babies

Nasobuddy® The Sleep Helper™ Kit


Amazing product gives instant relief

Must buy if u hv pain in nipple

I was having 3 painkiller tablet in a day then I was able to feed my baby .but after using nipple healer now i am free from pain killer . And 90% it has been relief with in 3 days . Now I am able to feed my baby without painkiller.

Nasobuddy® Baby's Aspirator + Saline Kit

Very effective product

Nasobuddy® Baby nasal aspirator
Rakshitha Vijayakumar

Worth the money... and it is really a savior for babies with blocked mucus... safe to use... my little one breathes safely after every use...

Thoughtful science based baby kit

A white noise machine- the shusher, a colic belt and lavender balm..did help and calm our new born baby


Best nasal aspirator. I have tried at least half a dozen. Saline spray is non medicated and an ideal addition. Good job.

Happy with the product, trustworthy

It helped my baby a lot during her chest congestion and cough. I trust this product a lot. Continuous usage keeps the baby relieved.

No anxiety nail trimmer

You can trim baby nails tension free. Good product for fussy babies. I got a free nail clipper too in the box.

Good product for baby

Useful product to clear baby's nose block. First use saline to make the hard mucus soft and then with the aspirator suck the mucus out. The sucking is kind of a hassle (they should make it automatic with a motor attached)

A breastfeeding essential

It healed crqcked nipples ..made it possible to breastfeed again..thanks

Best quality

Nasobuddy® Cough & Cold Balm

Useful for years together

We used nasobuddy 5 years back for our first baby and used it for at least three years. Somehow lost it and bought it now again for our second baby. It feels really good to help my baby every single time to relieve her block and help her breathe freely. We will be using it for a few more years..

The only solution for cracked nipples

If you have a cracked or injured nipples from breastfeeding this is it. It stops the irritation and allows it to heal naturally. I cut a star because it cant be worn outdoors ..its not discrete.