Tricks to help your baby sleep NOW

 A crying baby, especially a crying baby at night is really a big issue. It can be due to hunger or colic or diaper change or many more reasons. You will surely be clueless in the first couple of months and you will not know what is colic and what are its remedies. Then you will slowly be able to interpret the reason. If your little one is crying very loudly and seems to be in pain the reason could be colic. If you are afraid that it could be colic, then you can use the colic swaddle belt in the Sleep Helper ™ kit from Nasobuddy and use the baby shusher from the kit to calm and stop baby’s crying. In the beginning, when you have no idea why your baby is crying, you can follow the 5 S’s. What are the 5 S’s? 


  1. Swaddling 

What is swaddling? It is an old technique of wrapping an infant in a blanket to restrict the movement of the limbs. Swaddling helps your baby to feel safe and secure and gives him the feel of the safety of the womb. Movement of hands and legs can startle the baby in the first few months and wake him up. Swaddling keeps the baby cozy and warm. Here are a few tips for swaddling.

  • Avoid thick blankets when the weather is hot. Use thin cotton sheets. 
  • Avoid layers of clothes to avoid overheating. 
  • The swaddle should be neither too tight nor too loose. If it is loose, the blanket may cover the baby’s face and if it is too tight it will make the baby uncomfortable. 
  • Give room for hip movement while swaddling. 
  • If you keep their elbows bent and their hands on their chest it will mimic their fetal position. 
  • Stop swaddling when your baby starts to roll over.
  • The colic swaddle belt in the sleep helper kit provides a swaddle effect without restricting baby’s arms or legs.


  1. Side or stomach sleep

Babies are comfortable when they sleep on their stomachs or on their sides. Your baby loves the kangaroo sleeping position. You can make your baby lie upside down on your abdomen. The gentle sway of the abdomen and the close contact with the mom will lull your baby to sleep. Combining the baby shusher with the kangaroo sleep position/stomach sleep position is very comforting to your baby.


  1. Shush 

The third S is shushing your baby. Generally, it is believed that the baby will sleep peacefully when it is silent but it is not true. The baby has been listening to various sounds in the womb. So, it is not necessary to keep silent to make the baby sleep. You can make a shushing sound. The shushing sound should be louder than the baby’s cry to make sure it is heard. The best solution is to play white noise. You can get the Sleep Helper ™ kit from Nasobuddy. It has a baby shusher that soothes your baby to sleep. 


  1. Swing 

Swinging movement is an effective way to put the baby to sleep. You can either swing the baby in the cradle or a swing or in your arms or if you are desperate, you can take your little one on a car ride and the swinging action of the car will be very helpful to soothe your baby and make him sleep. 

Swinging in your arms not only calms down your fussy baby but also tightens the bond between you and your baby. When you sway your baby back and forth facing your baby is a great way to improve bonding and to improve the focus of your baby. Here are a few tips for swinging.

  • Swing at a faster pace when the baby is crying
  • Rock your baby slowly when your baby becomes calm. 
  • Don’t shake your baby vigorously as it increases the risk of brain damage. 
  • If you are using a swing make sure you never leave your baby alone. 


  1. Suck

This is the last S of the 5S’s but a very important S. Babies enjoy sucking and it gives them a lot of comforts. It need not be sucking with feeding but it can be sucking alone. This is referred to as non-nutritive sucking. You can use a pacifier. Are you worried that you may not be able to stop? You should remember that it is easy to stop pacifier-sucking when compared to thumb-sucking. However, encouraging a baby to suck is not recommended by many.


The 5 S’s and the Sleep helper kit from Nasobuddy– They are closely related. It’s a must have for new parents. Learn more about the sleep helper here.


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