How white noise helps your baby sleep

When you have an infant at home it would feel ages since you had a nice sleep. I am sure all new moms and dads will agree with this. How can I make my baby sleep and How to stop my baby’s crying are the most frequently asked questions by new parents. Are you feeling helpless after trying all techniques to make your baby sleep and stop her crying? Here is a suggestion for you. Try white noise. It is really a surprise but white noise does help to soothe your baby and make your baby drift to sleep. Are you not convinced? Do you want to know in detail how white noise helps your baby sleep? Here we go.

What is white noise? 

White noise refers to the noise that is produced by combining sounds of all frequencies together. If you combine all types of noises that a human ear can hear, the noise you get is white noise. Why is it called the white noise? It is derived from the analogy of white light that is obtained by combining all colours. If white is a non-colour, then white noise is a non-sound. It has an important property. It acts as a shield against external noises. 

How white noise helps your baby sleep? 

White noise is rhythmic and creates a womb-like environment. This calms down the baby and makes her comfortable. When your baby is both comfortable and calm, she is sure to sleep longer. Does it sound like magic? It is not magic. The logic behind white noise can be explained. 

 Most of the babies sleep very lightly. They sleep only for a short period of time for about 20 to 30 minutes and then wake up. This is referred to as ‘sleep arousal’ by experts.  It seems as if a 20 minute or 30-minute alarm is set inside your baby. Sleep arousal can be due to many factors like adoorbell, telephone bell, or people talking at home. The white noise drowns all these sounds. Moreover, when the baby stirs in 20 minutes the comfort provided by the baby shusher will encourage the baby to fall asleep again. 

 Here are some of the reasons given by experts.

  • White noise absorbs the external noises that disturb the baby.
  • The frequency of white noise synchronizes with the brain when your baby is in deep sleep.
  • The sound mimics the sound your baby was listening to in the womb. So, it soothes her to sleep. 

Whatever the reason be, white noise is a blessing to parents. Do you want to know how white noise can be generated? 

How to generate white noise? 

The most common examples of white noise are the sound from the hairdryer and vacuum cleaner. However, it may not be safe to place them near the baby. The best option is to buy a baby shusher or white noise machine. If you are planning to use a white noise machine here are some important tips to consider.

  • Sound produced should be just 50 decibels or lesser.
  • Baby friendly, rhythmic white noise sound
  • Ability to play throughout the night
  • Travel friendly


The baby shusher, one of the three products in the Sleep Helper kit has all the above features. It’s a simple, yet versatile white noise machine. You simply can’t go wrong with it.

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