What is white noise?


White noise refers to the noise that is produced by combining sounds of all frequencies together. If you combine all types of noises that a human ear can hear, the noise you get is white noise. When you think of white noise, you can think of 20,000 tones playing together simultaneously. Just as white light is a combination of all colors, white noise is a combination of sounds. White noise is different from sounds like the barking of dogs, the chirping of birds, the rolling of eaves, the rustling of waves, and the falling rain. It remains consistent in all frequencies. 

The science behind white noise 

As white noise contains all frequencies of sound, it has the property of masking other sounds. This masking property helps to block sounds like a car honking or a truck rumbling that causes you to wake up when you are sound asleep. Why this works is due to the fact that, when layered on top of other noises, white noise will match the frequencies of all other noises around you, making it difficult to distinguish the unwanted noise from the white noise itself. For instance, imagine that you’re in a room, chatting with one person. You can hear their voice clearly; however, if there are 100 additional people all talking at the same time, it would be more difficult to distinguish the voice of the person with whom you were trying to have a conversation. 

Studies support white noise 

A study published in the Archives of Diseases in Childhood found that white noise could be helpful in getting babies to sleep. Eighty percent of the 40 newbornswho were studied were able to fall asleep after five minutes of hearing white noise. .

White noise and babies

How white noise helps your baby sleep? White noise works with babies because it mimics the sounds produced in the womb. Studies also conclude that white noise is effective to control colicky crying in infants. White noises can be made with household appliances like hairdryers and vacuum cleaners. However, it may be risky to place them near your baby. The best is to get a baby shusher. 


While using a baby shusher for your baby you should make sure that the volume does not exceed the recommended limits. The recommended limit is 50 decibels.

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