How to stop my baby’s crying?

Little ones cry for more than three hours a day. It can be extremely difficult to tolerate a wailing baby. First, check if the baby is hungry or if he needs a diaper change or if the baby is feeling hot or cold, or if he has any other discomfort. If none of the above is a reason and if the baby keeps on crying, you can try the 5S’s and see if one of them works. 

What are the 5 S’s? 

  1. Swaddling 

What is swaddling? It is an old technique of wrapping an infant in a blanket to restrict the movement of the limbs. Swaddling helps your baby to feel safe and secure and gives him the feel of the safety of the womb. Movement of hands and legs can startle the baby in the first few months and wake him up. Swaddling keeps the baby cosy and warm. 

  1. Side or stomach sleep

Babies are comfortable when they sleep on their stomachs or on their sides. Your baby loves the kangaroo sleeping position. You can make your baby lie upside down on your abdomen. The gentle sway of the abdomen and the close contact with the mom will lull your baby to sleep. Alternately, put your baby on your shoulder and pat him gently. Once he starts to doze off, you should place him gently on the crib. While placing him on the crib it is advised to place him on the back to reduce the risk of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome.

  1. Swing 

Swinging movement is an effective way to put the baby to sleep. You can either swing the baby in the cradle or a swing or in your arms or if you are desperate, you can take your little one on a car ride and the swinging action of the car will be very helpful to soothe your baby and make him sleep. 

Swinging in your arms not only calms down your fussy baby but also tightens the bond between you and your baby. When you sway your baby back and forth facing your baby is a great way to improve bonding and to improve the focus of your baby. 

  1. Suck

 Do you think your baby’s sucking reflex started after he came out of your womb? If so, you are absolutely wrong. Your baby started sucking when he was a 14-week-old embryo in your womb. This has been proven through ultrasound imaging. So, babies enjoy sucking and it gives them a lot of comforts. It need not be sucking with feeding but it can be sucking alone. This is referred to as non-nutritive sucking. You can use a pacifier. Are you worried that you may not be able to stop? You should remember that it is easy to stop pacifier-sucking when compared to thumb-sucking. However, sucking is not recommended by many.   

  1. Shush 

The last S is shushing your baby. Generally, it is believed that the baby will sleep peacefully when it is silent but it is not true. The baby has been listening to various sounds in the womb. So, it is not necessary to keep silent to make the baby sleep. You can make a shushing sound. The shushing sound should be louder than the baby’s cry to make sure it is heard. The best solution is to play white noise. You can get the Sleep Helper ™ kit from Nasobuddy. It has a baby shusher that soothes your baby to sleep. 

What is the Sleep Helper Kit and how does it help to stop your baby from crying?  

The sleep helper uses the 5 S’s technique, which was made popular by Dr.Harvey Karp in his book ‘Happiest Baby on the Block’. The Sleep Helper Kit contains three devices. They are:

  1. Baby shusher and 
  2. Colic swaddle belt. 
  3. Baby lavender balm


  1. Mini baby shusher 

This machine makes a shushing sound that helps your little one to stop crying and go to sleep. The sound is tried, tested, and proved to be effective by experts. How white noise helps your baby sleep?The sound mimics the sound that your baby was listening to in the womb. It is designed to match the same decibel level of your baby’s crying. It should be kept 10 centimetres away from your little one’s ear. It helps to 

  • Stop your baby’s crying
  • Make your baby fall asleep
  • Make your baby go back to sleep when he wakes up at night
  • Cover the external noises
  • Help your baby to stay asleep
  1. Colic swaddle belt

The colic swaddle belt is made with cotton stretch fabric and has a gel pack.All you have to do is to dip the gel pack in hot water to make it warm. Then insertit inside the gel pack holder. Then simply wear the belt around your little one’s tummy with velcro fasteners.  

  • It soothes pains associated with colic and reflux.
  • It helps your little one to release gas
  1. Baby Lavender Balm

            Just one whiff of lavender can immediately make your kid (and you) feel calm and more relaxed. It’s the most widely used essential oil to ensure a good night’s sleep for your baby or child. But its aromatherapy benefits don’t stop there. It naturally boosts your child’s mood and emotions. Most importantly, it’s baby safe.


An inconsolable baby can make the parents worried and powerless. Sleep Helper ™ kit from Nasobuddy helps you to stop your baby from crying and helps him sleep. You need not feel powerless. Buy the sleep helper kit here.


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