Colic, gas, and baby’s sleep

Colic and gas are very common in babies. Your baby’s digestive system is tiny and immature and so indigestion makes your baby gassy. The immature digestive system may be sensitive to the formula or mom’s diet if he is a breastfed baby. Moreover, your little one gulps a little air while feeding. This too is one of the causes of a gassy baby. Sometimes excessive crying can lead to more gas. There may be several reasons for the baby’s sleep issues. Gas is definitely one among them. Gas and a baby’s sleep issues are often correlated to each other. When does colic start and end? At what time it is the worst? How to manage gas? Let’s find the answers to all these questions.  

When does colic start and end? 

It is very common during the first few weeks. It starts from 2-3 weeks. Then it will go away after the age of 3 to 4 months.  

At what time of the day is colic worst? 

Colic is often worse late in the evening from 5 pm to midnight. Colicky cries are high-pitched than normal crying and it may last for a long time. Gas may contribute to colic. A baby with colic may burp or let out a lot of gas. Although gas is one of the reasons for colic, it is not the only reason.  

What are the signs of a gassy baby? 

All babies pass gas but if you think your baby is gassy you should look for the following symptoms. 

  • Your baby is not eating and sleeping well.
  • He is fussy for an hour or more a day
  • Your baby looks uncomfortable and unhappy
  • His face turns red when he cries. 
  • He pulls up his legs while crying.  

How to manage gas? 

It can be really disheartening to see your baby in discomfort and to hear him crying for a long time. You should know how to manage gas if you want to make him more comfortable and stop his crying. 

  • Burp your baby 

Most of you will surely burp your baby after feeding. Yes, it is good and helps to relieve the air swallowed by your baby but is it enough? No, it is not. You should do one more thing too. You should pat your baby’s back in the middle of feeding. The mid-feed pat helps the swallowed air to travel back to the bowels. 

  • Control the air your baby swallows

If you are breastfeeding your baby, you should make sure that his mouth is properly latched to your nipples. If you are giving him a bottle feed, you can go for anti-gas nipples and anti-gas bottles that help in reducing the air swallowed by the baby. Moreover, you should make sure that the nipple is full of milk. 

  • Do mild exercises to relieve gas

Lie your baby on his back. Gently fold his legs towards his abdomen. Hold for a few seconds and release. This helps to release gas. You can also bicycle his legs slowly to push out the gas trapped in him. 

  • Mom’s diet

Breastfeeding moms should avoid gas-causing foods. If you are a breastfeeding mom avoid foods like cabbage, lentils, and dairy products, etc.  

  • Sleep Helper ™ kit from Nasobuddy provides colic relief.

 It helps to relieve gas and ease colic symptoms.


How does sleep helper help to manage gas?  

The sleep helper kit contains a baby shusher, a colic swaddle belt and a baby lavender balm. 

Colic swaddle belt

The colic swaddle belt helps your little one to release gas. The belt is made with cotton STRETCH fabric and a gel pack. All you have to do is to dip the gel pack in hot water to make it warm. Then insert it inside the gel pack holder in the belt. Then wear the belt around your little baby’stummy. This naturally soothes pains associated with colic and reflux. 

Baby shusher

The baby shusher makes a shushing sound that helps your little one to stop crying and go to sleep when he is gassy. The sound mimics the sound that your baby was listening to in the womb. It helps your gassy baby to stop crying and make him fall asleep. Use the baby shusher along with the colic swaddle belt when baby is gassy or excessively crying. 

Baby lavender balm

The baby lavender balm is made with 100% pure essential oils of lavender and chamomile. They both work to calm and soothe your baby’s distress associated with colic. 

So Does the sleep helper work for colic? Yes, it does work. Sleep Helper ™ kit from Nasobuddy can be of great help to you and your little one.But make sure that your baby is not ill and he is feeding without any issue. You must consult your doctor if you suspect that the baby is ill. The Sleep Helper does not replace your doctor’s advice.

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