How to make your baby sleep at night?

Are you a new parent craving a little sleep at night? Do you want to know how to make your baby sleep at night? Here are a few useful tips to make your baby sleep at night. You should remember that your little one may not sleep through the night for a few months but it is your duty to build a foundation for your baby to have a restful and healthy sleep at the night. Here is the answer to your question, ‘how can I help my baby sleep’.

  1. Help your baby to differentiate between day and night

One of the main reasons why your bundle of joy doesn’t sleep is they can’t differentiate between day and night. First, you must help your baby to avoid confusion between day and night. How to do it?

  • Expose your baby to natural light in the daytime. Open the shades of the room and let sunlight in. Involve your baby in the hustles of morning life.
  • When it becomes dark, make sure your baby is not exposed to artificial lights. Let the room be dark and quiet. Let your baby get used to the fact that nights are for sleeping. 
  1. Follow a bedtime routine

Little babies get used to routines very quickly. So, a good bedtime routine is essential for your baby’s sleep.You should choose a few soothing activities like giving a warm bath, feeding, singing softly (better to sing the same song), and swaying, etc. When you follow this repetitive routine, your baby will soon understand that it is sleeping time.

  1. Sleeping environment

Your baby needs a cozy, warm, and calm sleeping environment. When your baby was safe in the womb, he was used to the shushing sounds of the womb. You can use soothing white noise. A study conducted in 1990 by the Journal Archives of Diseases showed that babies fall asleep faster and sleep better under the influence of white noise. Keep the noise going on all night. You can get Nasobuddy® The Sleep Helper™ kitthat has a baby shusher. The noise is so soothing and it reminds your baby of the womb sounds.

 4.  Increase melatonin levels

The low levels of melatonin are an important culprit that keeps your baby awake at night. Avoid bright lights in the evening. This will help in increasing the production of melatonin. 

5.  Help with colic

First, you should follow a few tips to avoid colic as much as possible. To avoid colic, make your baby burp after feeding and give a warm bath before sleep. You can give a soft massage with essential oil. This not only helps in colic but also relaxes and soothes your baby. It will also become a pre-sleep routine. Nasobuddy® The Sleep Helper™ kithas a colic swaddle belt that gives relief from colic and keeps your baby swaddled. The best part is the swaddle is very comfortable as it does not restrict the movements of the baby’s hands and legs.A comforting tummy massage with baby lavenderbalm can help relieve pain.

 Nasobuddy® The Sleep Helper™ kitis a must have for new parents.It has threeparts in it, a baby shusher, a colic swaddle belt and a baby lavender balm. The baby shusher mimics the white noise ssounds heard in the womb. The colic saddle belt soothes the pain and also gives a swaddling effect. The lavender baby balm is a proven ayurvedic solution to ease your baby’s mood and improve sleep quality.

The Sleep Helper Kit is available for purchase here.

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