Sore and Cracked Nipples in Breastfeeding Mothers – A Proven Remedy

Are you in the first weeks of breastfeeding your baby? Are you having soreness in your nipples or cracks in your nipples? If your answer is ‘yes’, I am sure you are having a tough time and you are very much worried? Don’t worry. This is a common problem faced by many breastfeeding moms. However, you should find the cause and rectify it.

What are the causes of sore nipples?

  1. Poor latch

If your baby is not latching correctly, your nipples may become sore. The the should actually gum your areola. If your little one is chewing your nipples instead of gumming areola, the chances of getting sore nipples are high.

  • Hold your baby with their nose to your nipple, wait for them to open their mouth.
  • When your baby opens its mouth wide open move your baby to your breast, with the nipple going in right at the top of their mouth.
  1. Milk blisters
    This is also called milk blob and refers to a blocked nipple pore. When a milk duct is clogged, it results in backing up of milk. This makes milk thick and so, it becomes impossible for milk to flow. The blister may look like a white pimple or a yellow spot. Generally, milk blisters go on their own in a couple of days. Applying warmth on the spot may help. You can use a warm wet towel or Nasobuddy breast therapy pack.
  2. Skin problems
    Skin issues like dry skin and eczema can cause sore nipples. If your skin is dry you may get dermatitis and this may result in sore and cracked nipples. To fix dry skin, you can leave a little breast milk on the nipples after feeding. Avoid using harsh chemical soaps on the nipples.

Should I stop feeding if I have sore nipples?

The answer is a big NO. Even if you have sore nipples, you should make sure you don’t stop breastfeeding. Stopping breastfeeding will result in a reduction in milk supply. It is true that it can be painful when you breastfeed your baby when your nipples are sore and cracked. However, you should continue to feed. Don’t feel dejected. There are a few remedies to heal your nipples faster.

Remedies for sore nipples

  1. Warm compress
    A warm compress soothes your nipples and initiates the healing process. You can dip a towel in hot water and apply it to your breasts. Alternately you can use a Nasobuddy breast therapy pack that contains undyed and lavender-infused natural rice. You just have to microwave the pack for a minute and use it. It has multiple benefits like relief from engorgement, relieving clogged milk ducts and increases milk flow.
  2. Nipple creams
    This is one of the most common remedies used. Creams that are 100% lanolin are advised by medical professionals. Most of the creams contain chemicals that can harm your baby. Moreover, the risk of your baby ingesting the cream is high. So, you should be careful about using nipple creams.
  3. Nipple shields
    Nipple shields are helpful when you have sore nipples. They are positioned over the nipple and areola. Baby sucks from the nipple shield. Milk flows through the thin hole in the nipple shield. Experts advise not to use nipple shields for a long time because it may decrease the milk supply. Moreover, there is no skin contact between the mom and baby. Researches prove that skin-to-skin contact between the mother and infant is essential for the stimulation of the infant’s brain.
  4. Nipple healers – THE BEST OPTION

Nasobuddy nipple healers are a better option than nipple creams and nipple shields because there is no risk of ingestion of chemicals and there is no loss of skin contact. What are nipple healers and how do they work? Nipple healers from Nasobuddy are nursing cups that can be worn directly on the nipples under the nursing bra. Its custom-made round apex shape allows air to circulate around the nipple. This gives instant relief from pain. Express a few drops of breast milk into the cups and place them directly on your nipples. Keep it on in between feeding sessions and remove them while feeding. It has been proven that breast milk has healing properties. So, the breast milk that gets collected beneath the healer moisturizes and heals the nipples naturally. As it is worn over the nipples, it protects the skin from rubbing against the clothes that can aggravate the pain. You will find a marked improvement in just 24-48 hours. You should wear it until the sores are fully healed but you should remove it while breastfeeding. The best thing about nipple healers is you can treat sore nipples without using nipple cream and a nipple shield. So, it is clear that nipple shields are the safest remedy to treat sore nipples.

Warm compress and breast milk are proven remedies for healing sore and cracked nipples. The all-natural breast therapy pack from Nasobuddy is the best for warm compress and the all-natural nipple healers from Nasobuddy treat the issue with breast milk. Hence, they both are the perfect options to treat sore and cracked nipples. Why should your breastfeeding sessions be a nightmare? Breastfeeding should be fun and enjoyable and should act as a bond between the mom and the infant. Don’t make it a frustrating experience.
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