Why can’t I Just Play the Shush Sound on My Smartphone, Bluetooth speaker, or Smart TV?

Most of the parents believe their baby needs total silence to sleep. If you are one among them, you are not right. Silence can make your baby fussier. Are you surprised? Don’t be. It’s the truth. It may be unbelievable but it is a proven fact. Are you interested in knowing more? Go on. 

Babies, sound, and sleep

Babies have spent more than nine months in the womb. You should understand that the womb is very noisy. It is louder than you can imagine. It is deafening. So, your baby is used to loud sounds in the womb. Silence in the real world can make babies uncomfortable. That is why the shush sound can give the feeling of home to your precious little one. The sound of shushing imitates the sound of blood rushing inside the womb. 

White noise and sleep 

Shush sound is actually white noise. What is white noise? Pure white noise is defined as the shhhh sound that you hear when you tune in your radio to an unused frequency. Air conditioner, washing machine, falling rain, and roaring waves are all examples of white noise. It has been proven that white noise has the property of inducing and improving sleep in babies as well as adults. So,placing a baby shusher near your baby will surely be effective in solving the sleeping issues of your baby. 


Baby shusher - why? 

Are you reluctant to buy a baby shusher? Are you worried that it can cause side effects? Do you want to know why you shouldn’t play the shush sound on your smartphone, or, Bluetooth speaker, or smart TV? Here are the answers. 

  • Baby shusher will not cause any side effects if played at the correct decibels recommended by experts. 
  • If you are playing the white noise on your smartphone, you cannot play it at the decibel level you want. 
  • If you are playing on the smart TV, you cannot place it near your baby. You can expect to get the best results only if you place the device close to the baby and this is not possible with a smart TV. 
  • Devices like smart TV, smartphone, and Bluetooth speakers are NOT designed to produce white noise. They are not designed to put your baby to sleep. On the other hand, a baby shusher is custom-built to put your baby to sleep by producing the right sound at the right volume.

The sleep helper  has a baby shusher, a colic swaddle belt and a lavender baby balm. The colic swaddle belt is a bonus and will soothe a colicky baby. The baby shusher produces a proprietary, tried, and tested sound recorded by sleep experts.It’s a simple, yet versatile solution. You simply cannot go wrong with it. But the sleep helper kit here.

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