Does the Sleep Helper Work?

Parents with newborn babies are desperate in the night time. They are ready to do anything possible to make their newborn baby sleep and stop the crying. In the throes of desperation, it is quite normal to look for something to fix their babies’ sleep issues. However, you also want to make sure that it is safe and actually effective before using it. Does the Sleep Helper ™ kit from Nasobuddy really work ? The answer in short is, YES it works. Let’s dig in.  

What is The Sleep Helper ™ kit from Nasobuddy?

First, you should know the contents of the Sleep Helper kit. It contains a baby shusher, a colic swaddle belt and a baby lavender balm. How do they help? 

  • The  baby shusher produces a rhythmic white noise sound that mimics the sound that your baby was hearing in the womb for more than 9 months. This helps the baby to stop crying, helps the baby to sleep, helps the baby to stay asleep and get the baby back to sleep after night waking.
  • The colic swaddle belt  helps in reducing colic – relieving gas and also provides the swaddling effect. This can be worn over any dress or directly on the belly. It does not restrain the hands and legs which babies hate. Swaddles can be used only for the first 6 weeks but the colic swaddle belt in the Sleep Helper kit can be used for 4 months. At the end of 4 months colic symptoms naturally subside.
  • Massaging at bedtime with the baby lavender balmhelps to calm the baby, relieve the uncomfortable effects of colic and improve sleep quality.


How does the Sleep Helper work? 

  1. The Science behind the sleep helper.

    The Baby Shusher: It produces a white noise sound that is soothing to the baby and activates baby’s  natural calming reflex. As white noise contains all frequencies of sound, it has the property of masking other sounds. A scientific study found that white noise could help get babies to sleep. Eighty percent of the 40 newborns studied were able to fall asleep after five minutes of hearing white noise.

    The Colic Swaddle Belt : The belt naturally helps to relieve gas and ease colic pain.In Europe, paediatricians recommend a home remedy, to use a hot water bottle to help a colicky baby. The colic swaddle belt has a gel pack that is to be dipped in hot water and inserted into the belt. It is an easy method of helping a colicky baby sleep. The belt also provides a Swaddling effect without restricting baby’s arms and legs. Swaddling has been practiced for several years. It helps your baby to feel safe and secure because the babies get the same feel as the womb. It has been proven that swaddling helps baby sleep.

    Baby Lavender Balm : Bedtime massage with lavender essential oil has been proven to help relax a fussy baby and encourage longer and deeper sleep. It safely relaxes the body and calms the mind. It soothes the crying infant which can be so stressful for any mother.

    1. Based on the 5 S’s 

    The 5 S’s  swaddling, side on stomach sleeping, shushing, swinging, and sucking is a proven technique popularised by Dr Harvey Karp, the author of the famous book ‘The Happiest baby on the block'. They are proven methods to make your child sleep better and provide relief from colic. The baby shusher produces a rhythmic sound that mimics the sound that your baby was hearing in the womb for more than 9 months. This acts as the shushing sound. The colic swaddle belt not only helps in reducing colic but also provides the swaddling effect. This can be worn over any dress or directly on the belly. It does not restrain the hands and legs which babies hate. When you play the baby shusher and wear the colic swaddle belt for your baby’s colic and make him sleep in kangaroo sleep position (baby sleeps on stomach, over the parent’s chest ) and swing a little, 4 of the 5 S’s are completed. 


    The Sleep Helper comes as a kit because we wanted to make sure all possible methods are used and your baby gets an additional two hours of sleep gain, improve sleep quality and contribute to baby’s overall health. An additional two hours of sleep gain for the baby means an additional two hours of sleep gain for you too. 

    Sleep Helper ™ kit from Nasobuddy does work and it does provide a big relief for the new parents. Because when the baby sleeps better the whole family sleeps better.The Sleep Helper kit is available for sale here.



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