How Long Does the Newborn Sleep?

The sleeping time is not the same for all adults. The same thing applies to babies too. The duration of sleep may be different from one baby to another. However, there is a normal sleeping time for little ones. Let’s first see thesleeping pattern of a baby.

Sleeping pattern

A newborn baby sleeps for about 14 to 17 hours. This is the normal sleeping pattern that all experts say. It creates the perception that babies keep on sleeping forever for the first few months. However, the reality is that they often sleep in short cycles. When it comes to waking during the night, the most important point to understand is that all babies wake briefly between four and six times. You cannot expect an infant to sleep for long stretches. This is because the baby’s internal clock is not set and the nervous system is not mature enough. Moreover, your child’s sleeping pattern can be unpredictable. Their sleep/wake cycle or circadian rhythm takes some time to develop. So, your baby keeps shifting frequently between sleepiness and wakefulness.

At 2 months, infants take between two and four naps each day, and at 12 months, they take either one or two naps. By 6 months of age, most babies are physiologically capable of sleeping through the night and no longer require night-time feedings. However, 25%-50% continue to awaken during the night.

Although the sleep pattern and duration are different, here is a table showing the normal sleeping time of babies from newborn to 24 months.

Baby Age

Night time Sleep

Daytime Naps

Total Sleep

Newborn to 2 months

2-4 hours between feedings

4-5 naps

16 to 18 hours

2 to 4 months

4 hours between feedings

3 naps

14 to 16 hours

4 to 6 months

5-8 hours

2-3 naps

14 to 15 hours

6 to 9 months

8-10 hours

2 naps

About 14 hours

9 to 12 months

10-12 hours

2 naps

About 14 hours

12 to 18 months

11-12 hours

1-2 naps

13 to 14 hours

18 to 24 months

11-12 hours

1 nap

12 to 14 hours

Source: Baby Sleep Chart - Sleeping Hours by Age (


There are a few common sleeping issues that a newborn has. Having a knowledge of these sleep problems is a must for you as a new parent.

Sleep issues

  1. Waking up frequently at night

  2. Babies waking up frequently at night is quite common but when your baby wakes up every 30 to 60 minutes it can be tough for you. You can actually improve these short cycles a little. You can use sleep props like a white machine and develop a sleep routine and set a sleeping environment. Sleep props not only include swaying, rocking, and cuddling but also devices like a baby shusher . Nasobuddy® The Sleep Helper™ kithas a baby shusher that mimics the sounds of the womb. This will reduce the frequent waking at night. Helping your baby learn night from the day will definitely help.
  1. Physical discomfort

Your little one can suffer from many physical discomforts. The most common are colic and gas. Colic, gas, and a baby’s sleep are closely related. You can try a few remedies like holding, rocking, massaging, and a warm bath, etc. The best is the colic swaddle belt in Nasobuddy® The Sleep Helper™ kit. It helps in relieving a few common physical discomforts like colic, gas, and reflux. The Nasobuddy® The Sleep Helper™ kitalso has a Baby Lavender Balm when combined with massage help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of colic, calms the bay and helps improve sleep. 

  1. Delay in going back to sleep

Babies who are able to soothe themselves back to sleep awaken briefly and go right back to sleep. In contrast, there are some babies who awaken their parents and need help getting back to sleep. This is often the result of parents developing the habit of helping their baby to fall asleep by rocking, holding, or bringing the child into their own bed. Over time, babies may learn to rely on this kind of help from their parents in order to fall asleep. So in the early stages wait for a few seconds to see if the baby is ready to go back to sleep by himself. 

Nasobuddy® The Sleep Helper™ kitthat has three products in it,ababy shusher ,a colic swaddle belt and a baby lavender balm. All three of them help your newborn  in different ways to help improve sleep duration and quality.


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