Helping a colicky crying baby sleep

What is colic?Does your little one clench his face and erupt into high-pitched wails with a reddened face? Does he repeat the same episode daily at the same time? If your answer is yes, the chances of your baby having colic is high. When you are not able to comfort your baby and put an end to the ear-shattering cries, it can be really stressful. Are you wondering how to stop my baby’s crying? Here are some useful tips. 

Your baby may be colicky if he has indigestion issues or if he has a gut imbalance or if he is stressed.  

What to do if your baby has digestion problems? 

  • Massage to tummy

Give a gentle massage using essential oils like lavender

  • Pressure to tummy 

Make your baby lie on your lap with his face down. Let his tummy rest on your palms. Then slowly pat and rub his back. This will give him relief. 

  • Burping 

If your baby has a gas problem, letting him burp will help. Make your baby lie on your shoulders with his face resting on your shoulders. Slowly pat his back and rub it gently. This will let him burp and give him relief from pain and stop his colicky crying. 

  • Mom’s diet 

Are you a breastfeeding mom? If so, you should watch what you eat. Avoid gas-stimulating foods like cauliflower, lentils, peanuts, soy, and others. 

  • Formula change 

Are you giving formula milk to your baby? Sometimes babies may be lactose-intolerant. If the formula milk you are giving your baby contains cow’s milk, switch over to a formula that does not contain cow’s milk. 

  • Probiotic drops

Gut imbalance is one of the common causes of colic in babies. Probiotic drops increase the good bacteria in the gut. However, consult your doctor before giving it. 

  • Gripe water

Generally, the grandparents feel that gripe water is the best herbal remedy to treat colic and gas. However, there is no strong evidence to prove its effectiveness. Consult your doctor before giving gripe water. 

How to deal with an overstimulated baby? 

Most of the babies are overstimulated in the late evenings. A slight provocation will make them yell. 

  • It is important to keep the room calm and the lights dimmed. It is better to switch off the TVs.
  •  Don’t encourage visitors in the evening time. 
  • Respond to your baby’s crying. Your baby can communicate with you only through crying.          Your baby is entirely in a new environment. So, your attention and response can stop your baby’s crying.
  • Swing and rock your baby slightly. 
  • Swaddling also helps. 
  • Follow a nap schedule. Keeping the baby awake for a long time may make your baby irritated and overstimulated. 

What to do if your baby is stressed? 

  • Cuddle your baby close to you. Skin contact and warmth are essential for your baby. Your heartbeat will soothe your baby when you hold him close. 
  • The Sleep Helper Kit is designed to calm colicky crying babies and help them sleep. The kit contains a baby shusher, a colic swaddle belt, a baby lavender balm.All of them are very effective to comfort your baby. The baby shusher produces sounds that resemble the sounds of the womb. This soothes the baby within minutes. The colic swaddle belt soothes any ache felt due to colic and gas. Finally the baby lavender balm is an ayurvedic , night time massage balm, it improves the baby’s mood and improves sleep quality.
  • Try a pacifier. If your baby is crying even if he gets sufficient feeds, it may mean that his sucking instinct is not satisfied. If this is the case, a pacifier may help. 

The good news is that your baby’s colicky crying is not going to last forever. It will stop in a few months. Nevertheless, colic in babies can surely be heart-breaking for parents. Buy the Sleep Helper kit from Nasobuddy here as it will help to stop the colicky crying in your baby and help you to stay sane!

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