The safest way to trim your newborn’s baby nails.

The safest way to trim your newborn’s baby nails.


How are baby nails different from adult nails ?

  • Newborn baby nails are attached to the cuticle, the skin underneath the nail.
  • The baby nails grow faster than adult nails.
  • The baby nails can be sharp and jagged. This often scratches their face , as their hand movements are not fully mature yet.


All this makes baby nail trimming unavoidable. With the risk of cutting baby’s skin, its an anxious chore for the mother.


There are two ways to trim baby nails. Baby nail clippers and nail files.

Baby nail clippers : Smaller than adult nail clippers, they must be used with care. They are good for cutting long nails which are not attached to the skin.



Baby Nail files : They have a sandpaper like right surface, which is used for trimming baby nails without any risk of injury or cuts.

They are made with plastic, emery boards or glass.

  • Plastic nail files are cheap and
    commonly seen in baby care kits, but they are not efficient in trimming the nails and they do not get the job done.
  • Emery boards provide good trimming efficiency, but they are not reusable.
  • High quality glass nail files provide easy trimming efficiency and they are reusable and durable.


How often do you need to cut your baby’s nails?

Since your baby’s nails grow fast, your best bet is to trim them every week .  Of course, every baby is different. Sometimes, your baby’s nails grow really fast and need a trim twice a week.


When should I cut my baby’s nails?

Cut your baby’s nails when they’re sleeping and calm. It’s good to limit the possibility of any sudden movements.



OK, so how do I cut my baby’s nails safely?

A lot of parents find the idea of cutting a newborn’s nails scary. But there are a few tips and tricks that can help make the process easier.


1. Well lit room : Make sure there is plenty of light and that you are in a stable position. Avoid cutting your baby’s nails in the dark.


  1. It’s Ok to get help : Get someone to help either hold the baby while you cut their nails or vice versa.


  1. Baby nail files are your best friends : They’re great for rounding off baby’s short sharp nails. There is no risk of cutting baby’s skin and it’s hurt free. They’re usually not efficient enough to work by themselves for long nails, you will have to use baby nail clippers along with the nail files.


  1. Using nail clippers : Before you cut with the nail clippers, gently push the pad of each fingertip away from the nail to make sure you’re only cutting the nail.

Don’t cut too close!  It’s better to leave a little bit of nail and finish off the sharp edges with the baby nail file.


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