Chamomile and lavender oils for baby’s cold – How to use and why to use

Parenting is not an easy joke. You have to take some difficult decisions right from the infancy stage. When your baby is too small, you have many decisions to male. One of them is to decide whether to go for natural remedies or to go for allopathic remedies to treat baby’s colds and other minor health issues. Now-a-days most parents are shifting back to natural remedies and grandmother’s cures because of safety and decreased risk of side effects. Essential oils are frequently recommended for the well being of children but not all essential oils are safe for babies. Chamomile and lavender oils are safe for babies and are effective in treating baby’s colds.

Why should you use chamomile and lavender oil?

They have the ability of soothing your baby and promoting sleep. A child with cold feels irritated and finds it difficult to sleep. Both lavender and chamomile help your baby to sleep soundly. Moreover, they have healing properties. This helps in giving relief to the babies from cough and colds. They are recommended for babies. They do not cause any side effects if used correctly.

How to use chamomile and lavender oil?

Lavender oil

Naso Lavender

You can add a few drops of lavender oil and two tablespoons of one of the carrier oils to a diffuser. This will purify the air in your child’s room and help with the respiratory problems of your baby.

You can put a drop or two of lavender oil on the child’s mattress, pillow and crib. Just breathing the oil will work wonders in putting your baby to sleep and giving relief from cold symptoms.

You can give the baby a massage with lavender oil after blending it with carrier oil like almond oil or coconut oil or sun flower oil. The safest proportion is adding 1 drop of lavender oil to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil. Rub the blended oil on the baby’s chest and back before putting your baby to sleep.

Chamomile oil

Naso Chamomile

You can add a drop of chamomile oil to a tablespoon of carrier oil and give your baby a bedtime massage.

You can add the blended oil to your baby’s bath.

Blend of lavender and chamomile

You can add a drop of chamomile and lavender oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil. Blending lavender and chamomile helps in giving better relief. You can also add other safe essential oils like dill oil and sweet orange oil (less harsh than lemon oil) to it.

Do you feel you will not be able to get the essential oils in the nearby shops in your area? Are you too busy to make your own blends of essential oils? Don’t worry. Go for baby rubs that contain safe essential oils in the right proportion. Apply it on your fussy baby and help it to sleep soundly.

Our Nasobuddy Cough & Cold balm is based on 6 Essential oils, it includes chamomile oil and lavender oil.

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