The issues with bulb syringes or aspirators


It can be really disheartening to see your baby finding it difficult to eat and sleep because of nose congestion.  Most parents use bulb syringe/aspirators that are given to the new moms in the hospitals to unclog their baby’s nose. It is true that they are helpful in clearing nasal blocks but is it safe to use bulb aspirators? Are there any issues with bulb aspirators? Let’s find out.

The issues with bulb aspirators

  • Inadequate suction : Bulb aspirators by design can generate only a limited, short burst of suction. This is insufficient to remove the mucus. So repeated attempts are needed. This will frustrate both the parent and the baby. There is no way to increase the suction when needed.
  • Unsuitable tips : The tips of the bulb aspirators are often narrow and hard, it can enter the nostrils and injure the baby’s soft nasal tissues.

  • Risk of reinfection : Its virtually impossible to clean the inside of the bulb aspirator because of its design . After a few uses, if you cut it open and see there will be unsightly yeast mold like growth on the rubber material. This can cause a reinfection .

How to clean the bulb aspirator ?

It is recommended to soak and wash bulb aspirators with hot soapy water for some time. The next step is to draw in the water and squeeze it out a few times before leaving it to dry.

Now, is the bulb aspirator clean and devoid of mold and bacteria after this process? No, it is not. Even if you wash the bulb aspirator regularly and thoroughly after every use, you are not guaranteed that the aspirator is clean. Why is it so?  It is because,the inside surface of a bulb aspirators can’t be dried . Dampness and moisture are the breeding grounds for mold. Bulbs in aspirators provide the perfect breeding ground for mold. If you are living in humid places, the risk of mold and bacterial infection is very high. Mold in the aspirator may cause breathing problems and increase the risk of frequent colds and allergies to your little one.

A simple solution  is to use a manual nasal aspirator which provides adequate, continuous suction which you  can control easily. It’s safe design ensures that it can be cleaned without much fuss.

2 thoughts on “The issues with bulb syringes or aspirators

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