My Baby Has a Cold! What Did I Do Wrong?

New parents, especially new moms, are prone to beating themselves up when their baby gets a cold. As they tend to their snuffly, unhappy babies new moms vow to keep a cleaner house, to have visitors – even grandparents – wear surgical gloves and masks if they want to see the baby and to never take their baby out in public again. These are sincere vows but, they are unnecessary and unrealistic. If you’re a new mom with a baby who has a miserable cold, keep reading!

It’s not your fault!

Babies get colds. It’s not because your house isn’t clean enough. It’s not because Awa loves to kiss your baby over and over again. A virus from someone, somewhere came into contact with your baby and he caught a cold. That’s it. Turn your attention to helping your baby feel comfortable and taking care of yourself too. Colds are not an entirely a bad thing. Babies need to build up their immune system. Do a quick internet search on childhood illnesses and allergies + research and you’ll see that children who are not sheltered from dirt, germs and going out in public fare better in the long run.

Take charge!

Now that you are done feeling like you’ve done something wrong, focus your energy on keeping your baby comfortable. It’s hard and tiring to have a sick baby – even if it’s just a cold. Make the most of your efforts.

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